Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from Mirrani

from Mirrani @ Goodreads

Even from the beginning, it was obvious to me how much research had been put in to this book and the way the story is told. You don't need to have read the comments at the beginning in order to discover this. The book also isn't the typical story of life in the camps and the focus isn't entirely on a couple torn apart by the events in a Nazi occupied area. The book is about the couple, that is true, but the focus is more on the change of mindset of the average citizen. Power is shifting in the government, people are starting to talk and believe what they hear. Prejudice is growing and that changes things. 

I also found the descriptions as moving as the events themselves and they continued evenly throughout the story, adding to what was being spoken, thought, or described. Because the quality of writing was just so beautiful and the story was overwhelmingly touching, I found that this was a difficult book to put down. Will the family survive? Will the couple find acceptance from their families? The end is heartbreaking, but keeps true to life as it was. This is a must read.

Review from Mckayla

from Mckayla @ Goodreads

"The best love story ever."

Review from Valerie

from Valerie @ goodreads

It was a wonderful read! Probably wouldn't be considered a well written novel to most critics but it was a perfect love story for me, easy to read, couldn't put it down!