Thursday, April 24, 2014

FAN MAIL from Mark


I have just finished “The Day The Flowers Died”.  That was one of the hardest to read books I have ever started, not because of your writing, but because of the subject.  At the end I was in tears.  Was this book historically correct, did Hitler actually rise to power through Democracy?  I just never thought of it that way.  Thanks for the books and I will leave a review.

Yes, Mark,
Hitler rose to power through Democracy. Yes, votes matter:) The country had been under a lot of stress after War World I and between hunger, poverty, unemployment and a need for new leadership Hitler came to power. However, note that his Nazi party had been influencing the country far before he had taken power. In the 20's the Nazi power was cruel to various cities, destroying the science center on sexual inquiries in Berlin as well beating on gay people. 

Thank you so much for your letter. I wrote the book for two reasons. One, the characters came to me in a dream and refused to leave my head till I wrote the story. Two, because I wanted to deliberately educate while entertaining people on the historical facts of War World II and the Nazi party under Hitler. 

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