Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from We Fancy Books

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It’s not all the time that a certain book can bring me to tears. Trust me; I’m somewhat a tough lady, according to myself that is. But this book made me cry for a few minutes. My eyes couldn’t hold my tears as they came flooding down my cheeks. Not that I should stop myself or anything because that would be hard.

Ami Blackwelder wrote a beautiful historical romance novel in the face of The Day the Flowers Died. It was set during the time in which Hitler, the German dictator, had risen to power. I have watched movies and read articles about the inhumane treatment of the Nazis to the Jews. And every time, every time that I see or read it, it’s like it stabs me in the heart. It still pains me that such thing happened in the history of humanity.

And then here comes this book. I felt like while reading this, I was in the 30’s at a German city called Munich. This book provided me a glimpse to this city that had drastically changed in such a short period of time. Eli, the protagonist of the story, is a Jew who was born in Germany. The way he felt about his country when Hitler had started Nazi blows, it really makes me so sad. The way this book was written was tender and slowly and heartfelt. I felt compassion and sympathy to every Jew from that time. They seemed like the unluckiest Jews ever, which is very saddening.

But who wouldn’t really be touched by this love story. I mean I couldn’t go on without spoiling but really it is touching. The last part made me feel like I was in a rollercoaster which is about to go down from the peak. I was anticipating something to happen and well something did happen and it was just really probably icing on the cake.

I think it’s really beautiful and heart touching. I’d want people to read this too.

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